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Cheap Propranolol For Sale (Inderal), Inderal 5mg -



ofh foundation campaing with eleve 2014 

JULY 2013 National Awareness & Prevention Poster Campaign™ with American Pop Girls' Group Eleve

allstate foundation logo

In partnership with the Operation For HOPE Foundation, The Allstate Foundation offers survivors of domestic violence free downloadable materials to help families move from safety to long-term security. CLICK HERE to access resources.

Interested in supporting Awareness & Prevention Poster Campaigns outreach efforts? Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Operation For HOPE Foundation, Inc.



MARCH 2010 Nampa Family Justice Center Awareness & Prevention Poster Campaign™ with Boise State University and the 'The Blue' 

Operation For HOPE Foundation has created and launched several successful campaigns with community partner agencies in various communities. 

Each campaign is created solely with how to best reach and communicate with a given community about vital resources available in seeking and remaining safe from domestic violence. After months of preparation posters campaigns are unveiled to the community. At the unveiling thousands of 11" X 17” posters are freely distributed with an ask to place posters in a visible environment: boys and girls clubs, schools, community centers, businesses, police stations, etc. 


Public Service Announcements 

Public Service Announcement of the Operation For HOPE Foundation use social media channels in outreach on target market for a given campaign. Each PSA has a ‘call to action’ in the prevention and education of domestic violence while clearly offering resources on who to call in seeking assistance and resources available. To view, click here

October 2009 California Youth Crisis Line Statewide Awareness & Prevention Poster Campaign™ with Little League World Champions Luke Ramirez and Kiko Garcia

VIDEO from Unveiling of Poster Campaign

Taking Action Conference at State Capitol

California Coalition for Youth

Take Me Out to the Baseball Game Charity Event & Unveiling Campaign PHOTOS









Luke & Kasey Ramirez with California Senator Kehoe


Vice President Biden's Statement on Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.












"After fifteen years of working to end domestic violence, we have learned that teens are not immune from abuse in relationships. Teen dating violence is all too common, and ends up leading to vicious and unhealthy cycles for years to come. Our responsibility - as parents, teachers, mentors, and community leaders - is to guide our young people towards respectful relationships free from harassment and abuse; teach them that it's ok to walk away from a bad situation; and encourage them to speak out when they see a friend in trouble. In many communities, teens themselves are leading the way in organizing their schools and communities to stand against violence. I commend them."


San Diego Family Justice Center Awareness & Prevention Campaigns™

with Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk--launched July 2009 

2006 NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson--launched January 2007 

MLB's All-Time Saves Leader Trevor Hoffman--launched October 2005  

PLEASE NOTE: San Diego Family Justice Center 

NEW LOCATION ADDRESS: 1122 Broadway #200, San Diego, CA 92101 



lt ofh_awareness  prevention

trevor hoffman no hitter_campaign


Awareness and Prevention Campaigns are created by the Operation for HOPE Foundation in partnership with an organization or agency in the prevention and awareness of relationship violence and in providing information about how to access resources in a given community. “Been Hurt. We Can Help.” The focus and expectation of each campaign is to “grab the attention” of a local community, State, or the Nation and to provide important information about seeking services. Awareness and Prevention Campaigns are creating National Awareness about relationship violence and providing information about how to break cycles of violence.

11” x17” posters are distributed and displayed at business storefronts, lobbies of non-profit organizations, libraries, hospitals, bus stops, schools, coffee shops, churches, synagogues, and at many other locations. Posters are not sold but rather freely distributed to create awareness in the prevention of violence. If you’re a business owner, a community partner or the neighbor next door, we need your help distributing posters in the community. Together we can strive to help stop and break cycles of violence. For more information about creating an Awareness & Prevention Poster Campaign or to support efforts, please contact Operation for HOPE Foundation.

Reaching out in the prevention and education of relationship violence, Operation for HOPE Foundation. Voices End Violence, Give the Gift of HOPE™.

Knoxville Family Justice Center Awareness & Prevention Poster Campaign™  

Pat Summitt University of Tennessee Head Coach of Women's Basketball

New Orleans Family Justice Center Awareness & Prevention Campaign™ with New Orleans Hornets David West